Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend recap

well, I'm a little ashamed to say that i completely forgot I was on a diet this weekend. Not just a little forgetfulness, I completely ignored ALL rules to my diet. It was terrible. There was wine, chips, chocolate, cheese, big meals, BBQ steak, sushi... 


I'm so sad right now. 

I even had the nerve to weigh myself this morning.
Not a single pound difference. I weigh the exact same as last week.

Which, in hindsight, is better than it could be I suppose. I didn't gain anything.
But I need to address the real issue here: 

I keep sabotaging my progress.

Why do I keep sabotaging my diet? Why can't I seem to care enough about this to avoid temptation and stick to my rules and guidelines? Why doesn't it matter as much as food?

I need to psych myself out again. Get myself pumped. I need to think about the end result every single time I put a greasy chip or delicious snack in my hand. Think about trying on jeans in a smaller size. Think about throwing out all the clothes that are "too big" to wear. Think about hearing people say "you've lost weight!" I need to think about the results. Because without the prize in sight, I'll keep going around and around this evil circle. 

What motivates you?

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  1. its hard....the important thing is dont beat yourself up so much...your are doing what you can...

    this challenge is what is really motivating me...right now...but in the long run...its my future family...its wanting to LOVE myself...wanting to be confident. and feel pretty and feel good about myself. Thats my goal. thats my end result.

    we all make mistakes....its learning from them and simply trying to be can beat yourself up too much about it...

    maybe create a reward program that when you lose blank # of lbs you get to by a new pair of shoes. or item of clothing...set goals like that...that will push you to do better....

    you know simply admitting that you are struggling is making progress!!!!

    i think you are doing great!