Tuesday, April 20, 2010

making the Switch - Part 2

So a few other 'issues' of mine are LUNCH and DINNER. Breakfast is always a must, and any nutritionist will say so, but it packs on about 400 calories to my day.

Then comes lunchtime. I usually make pretty decent choices for lunch - most of the time it being a Subway 6 inch with baked lays. (Big issue is the chips, I know they're baked but they add 130 calories to my day, but I need something to munch on until my lunch break arrives. BOO) By lunchtime, without a workout in, I'm up to 800 or 900 calories, leaving me with only 300 calories left for dinner.

In reality, dinner is the biggest meal I make and has the highest calories, and 300 calories is just plain unrealistic. By the end of the day, if I've had a workout, my hunger has become a wild ravenous beast, and it needs the comfort of food... not a little 300 calorie snack. There's just no way I could eat 300 calories and be satisfied. Dinner is my favorite part of the evening, so something needed to change to allow this to still happen...

SWITCH #2 - Lunch

I will be attempting to go from eating a BIG lunch...

... to eating a bowl of cereal. {Kinda like the Special K diet}

Hopefully this low-calorie, mid-day switch will allow me more calories in the evening, which will keep me from going over my daily limit. This could be ESPECIALLY effective on days I am NOT working out. Those days are so hard to avoid eating over 1200 calories... are ya kidding me??

I'll let you guys know how this goes.


  1. Could you pad your lunches and dinners out with extra salad and veggies. Maybe swap the chips with raw crunchy veg like carrot sticks or celery?

    Oh the smell of subway when you walk past, it drove me nuts this morning when I was trying to do the big shop. Smells divine!

  2. looks like you've made a lot of progress on your weight loss. it's tough though, i know that for sure.

    i gained about 43lbs with my son and losing it was a lot of hard work, tears, sweat, and cutting out the junk was no fun either.

    Good job girl! You can do it!

    I love that saying "skinny feels better than anything can taste!"