Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ME vs. The Cookie

I love anything sweet, sugary, chocolatey, buttery, or warm and gooey. Take a homemade chocolate chip cookie for example. My arch nemesis. Mr. Chocolate Chip Cookie has the whole package. He has all things I love. And I wouldn't even hesitate about shoving one, two, three maybe even four of those dang cookies in my mouth, until now. Now is the time... I must say goodbye.

There's only enough room in this town for one of us, Mr. Cookie...
And Mr. Cookie, well you're gonna have to skip town...

rule #1:
no more desserts.
{a tear dropped on my keyboard as i typed that}

but seriously. no more...
i am, however, allowing myself one bite of something lovely if it is a special occasion,
or if i manage to find a concoction that is sugar free... i'll allow it.

but the old gooey, sticky, sweet deliciousness that is my weakness?


{Mr. Cookie, you will be missed.}

1 comment:

  1. okay...so i totally read this the other day...and then went to subway..and you evil girl introduced me to the subway cookie...so i got a cookie...i ate the sandwich...then took out the cookie and took a small piece off...then i remembered this post...and then remembered that i need to be good...even if i have the calories to eat it...and i threw it away...yup...threw it away...THANKS!!!!! haha :)