Thursday, February 28, 2013

DETOX: Day 3

Day 3 was interesting, a bit more difficult for some reason. I've been sleeping like a rock, and it's been hard to get up and get ready for work. I've noticed my digestion isn't "changing" like it should, so I've started doing hot water with lemon in the morning while I get ready for work. It helps with the "I need coffee" craving, which is still one of my lingering problems.

Workouts are getting harder, as I have a lot less energy to keep me going through the hour. I've noticed cardio isn't that tiring, I can keep up in that department, but its the weight training, push ups, and workouts of that variety that really make me see stars.... yep I saw stars one day, and it unnerving, but I pushed through it and was ok.

My hardest time of day is still dinner. I'm cranky then too. It's hard getting home from a long day knowing I can' have a nice warm comfy dinner - I have to have a smoothie. HOWEVER, once it's over, I actually feel satisfied. I don't want anything else.

I really miss coffee. I miss my afternoon latte treat. Honestly I could keep most of these healthy habits alive, but I will need my coffee and my dinners back please.

That is all.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DETOX: Day 2

Day two is here. Day one is in the past. 

And you know what? It wasn't that bad.

I'm honestly a little shocked it went as smoothly as it did. I wan't hungry after my morning juice, I had a pear right before my workout, had an AMAZING workout and felt great afterward. Then I had a great lunch, and was pretty much full the rest of the evening, with a little beet and almond juice concoction for dinner. 

I even woke up this morning without a growling tummy. c r a z y.

This mornings juice was better than yesterday.
cucumber, apples, lemon, some spinach and a little ginger. delicious.

(I really like the juicing concept, and its working for me.... but the only thing i'm disliking is the cleanup of the juicer. What a mess. But it's just fruit so everything rinses off rather easily.)

So, as of this morning the feelings of note are: 

• my tea tastes different, not as good. So I tried a different one.
• I'm not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes like yesterday... even though I'm drinking the same amount of water.... huh.
• Not sure if its a mirage, but my skin already looks a little bit better. It probably also helps that i switched face and body lotion to all natural almost-vegan lotions (I LOVE the refill shoppe)

and, that's about it for my DETOX DAY 2 entry....

Monday, February 25, 2013

DETOX: Day 1

A couple friends and I are embarking upon a new adventure: DETOXING.

This is my very first time detoxing, and I think we chose a very safe, and tolerable plan. It is inspired by the CLEAN diet, where you juice in the morning, have a leafy lunch with a protein (think salad with chicken and light Olive oil and balsamic) and then a smoothie for dinner.

Today is my first morning of juicing. This morning consisted of carrots, apples and celery. YUM. It actually is very sweet (I am actually a big fan of carrot juice) and the apple gives it a nice little tang. I'm current'y craving something crunchy, and might munch on a pear in a little bit.
I'm very hopeful this detox will help my body get back on track. Something has just felt slightly off for some time now, and I have had a serious struggle with weight loss, and I have this gut feeling there is something going on internally that might be fixed through this cleanse. 

I plan on doing a journal entry every day throughout this detox. It'll be nice to see the highs and lows of this process.

Until tomorrow, happy juicing!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

love mud run 2013

On Saturday, my friends and I went down to Temecula, CA to run the Love Mud Run. I had done one mud run (a zombie 5K) before, but something about being chased the whole time by muddy/bloody people pretending to be ravenous un-dead folk distracts me from the actual FUN of crawling/trudging/swimming/running through mountains of MUD.

This run was all about love.
{before the run}

{after the run..... absolutely filthy and loving it!}

I'm gonna tell you right here and now, this is one of the funnest ways to work out and have some fun with your friends!! I am a big believer in doing workouts that distract me from the pain/fatigue because of all the fun that is being had!

Mud-running is my new favorite hobby, hopefully my wallet can keep up.

My goal for 2013 is now to train for an actual Tough Mudder!!!!
{that's 12 miles of this madness!! eeeeeeeeek}

Thursday, February 7, 2013

diet discontentment....

I'm on day 2 of simple clean eating. I eat 2 eggs in the morning with a fruit smoothie with coconut milk and spinach, a leafy greens salad with either chicken or fish for protein for lunch, and close to the same thing for dinner.

It's not that I'm hungry........ it's the cravings.

I crave chocolate, baked goodies, french fries, pizza, ranch....... and my nemesis, diet soda.

I'm hoping the cravings go away soon. I also have a "justification" bug that triggers after boot camp. You know the one. The "well i just worked out so I can eat this, that whatever....." justification.

It's pure evil.

Apples seem to help, and gum keeps the chewing need at bay....

Thoughts on DETOXING

I've been thinking seriously about doing a DETOX cleanse. I'll be honest it scares the living shit out of me to do it, but I am so confident that if I somehow manage to complete one, a lot of my struggles will be gone. I have this feeling that there is something off internally, nothing medically life-threatening, but just some kind of road block.

I've been reading up on the CLEAN program, and it seems like a lot of people who were having very similar struggles with the scale went on this cleanse and it made a world of difference. It seems like whatever is "off" in my system is causing my body to process foods in the exact same manner - whether they are healthy or not. Perhaps there are so many toxins in my body that it can't even recognize that I'm trying to do something better for it, so it just stores those veggies and salads and chicken and fish as fat, because it simply doesn't know what else to do.

So probably in the next few weeks, I'll start some sort of a DETOX cleanse. I'll report daily as I'll need some sort of outlet to vent to, as I have a strong feeling I will be Oscar the Grouch for about 2 weeks.