Monday, February 25, 2013

DETOX: Day 1

A couple friends and I are embarking upon a new adventure: DETOXING.

This is my very first time detoxing, and I think we chose a very safe, and tolerable plan. It is inspired by the CLEAN diet, where you juice in the morning, have a leafy lunch with a protein (think salad with chicken and light Olive oil and balsamic) and then a smoothie for dinner.

Today is my first morning of juicing. This morning consisted of carrots, apples and celery. YUM. It actually is very sweet (I am actually a big fan of carrot juice) and the apple gives it a nice little tang. I'm current'y craving something crunchy, and might munch on a pear in a little bit.
I'm very hopeful this detox will help my body get back on track. Something has just felt slightly off for some time now, and I have had a serious struggle with weight loss, and I have this gut feeling there is something going on internally that might be fixed through this cleanse. 

I plan on doing a journal entry every day throughout this detox. It'll be nice to see the highs and lows of this process.

Until tomorrow, happy juicing!!


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