Thursday, February 21, 2013

love mud run 2013

On Saturday, my friends and I went down to Temecula, CA to run the Love Mud Run. I had done one mud run (a zombie 5K) before, but something about being chased the whole time by muddy/bloody people pretending to be ravenous un-dead folk distracts me from the actual FUN of crawling/trudging/swimming/running through mountains of MUD.

This run was all about love.
{before the run}

{after the run..... absolutely filthy and loving it!}

I'm gonna tell you right here and now, this is one of the funnest ways to work out and have some fun with your friends!! I am a big believer in doing workouts that distract me from the pain/fatigue because of all the fun that is being had!

Mud-running is my new favorite hobby, hopefully my wallet can keep up.

My goal for 2013 is now to train for an actual Tough Mudder!!!!
{that's 12 miles of this madness!! eeeeeeeeek}

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