Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout of the Day

I've been doing a lot of research online, on youtube, Pinterest and Popsugar Fitness, and found a few new moves that really make you sweat.

The first video I watched was a sweet pyramid workout. Of course I upped the weight from 5 lbs to 10 lb weights, but everyone is different.

Next, I tried the Shredmill. It is indeed as horrific as it sounds, but it keeps it's promise. I can barely move because of these new moves (especially the first and last one). Note to self: Get some workout gloves. The treadmill belt is pretty rough on the hands.

Todays workout was a BEAST:

Run 1 mile on Treadmill for warm-up

Set treadmill to 1.0 speed, do plank walks on treadmill for 30 seconds, 20 seconds rest
{repeat 5 times}

50 mountain climbers
{i did them the old fashioned way instead, I'm still unsure about using the treadmill for them}

Set treadmill to an 11 incline {as high as it will go} and to a 6.0 speed
run\sprint uphill for 30 seconds, 20 seconds rest
{repeat 5 times}

Pyramid workout with 10 lb weights
{repeat 3 times}

12 jumping lunges
{repeat 2 times}

Weight machines - Rows @ 80 lbs - 10 reps
{repeat 3 times}

30 second plank
{repeat 3 times}

10 full situps
{repeat 3 times}



Monday, July 29, 2013

My afternoon spot: Arroyo Verde Park

On occasion, when I am unable to work out on my lunch break, I'll make a pit stop at one of my favorite little places for a quick hike: Arroyo Verde Park. It's a quick 2 mile dirt trail loop around a beautiful park. You get a few ocean views and a good sweat going - especially if you run it.
I started out walking it, walking it twice, then running one loop. I'm still working on the bigger hills, which I still have to break down and walk a little bit, but I'm running almost 80% of the loop in 28 minutes, with a 410 ft incline. Not too shabby.

Afterwards I usually do a few burpees, squats, mountain climbers and pushups on the grass just before the entrance. It's a perfect little workout for those days where you need a little break from the gym life.

Personal goal: To be able to run TWO loops with minimal walking!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Progress and old photos...

Sometimes its hard to see the results of your hard work when you see yourself in the mirror every single day. Seeing the day to day progress is tricky. It s a slow change that is easily missed or skewed. I was starting to feel like I was back-peddling a little bit, falling off the wagon. I've been eating not-so-great lately, but the portion sizes have been there. I just wasn't feeling great about my progress, until I found this old photo of myself (left), and put it next to a current photo (right). This was when I was at my heaviest. I hated my body, hated shopping and had no idea how to fix it. A lot has changed since then...
I know it's not a whole body before/after, we'll get there. I'm not at my goal yet. But holy moly can you see a difference in the face here. Or at least I can.

I'm actually very proud of the 13 pounds I've lost. I am trying for about 20 more, but hey, I have 13 gone. Out of my life for good. And now I have some evidence, and it feels good.

So good.

Friday, July 19, 2013

On weight training....

A few months ago I started lifting weights. I found a video online that shows you different weight lifts that give you serious muscle definition - and a good burn in the shoulders the following day.

I've been doing this routine two to three times a week, three reps of all 7 lift types, with slightly heavier weights - 5lb weights. (everybody is different and I don't recommend that everyone uses 5lb, heck, you might even want 8 lbs if you're stronger... I just felt like 5lb suited my needs to start). I've also been doing bench press pyramids starting with 30lbs, working my way up slowly 10lbs at a time to 60lbs and back down.... so ten reps of 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs, 50lbs, 40lbs, 30lbs.

Whoa, the muscle definition is definitely starting to show. 
That right there is a little bit of muscle definition peeking through. 
Huh, weights really do work.

I'm very impressed with the results so far, and I'm proud to admit, I am starting to graduate toward heavier weights. I noticed myself going thru 12-15 reps of each lift rather than my initial 10. So, out of sheer curiosity, I grabbed two 10lb weights and did 10 reps with difficulty, but I finished them. 

Should I officially move up to the 10lb weights? 


I will admit in the beginning I was worried about getting "too bulky" from lifting heavy weights. You know, that lame excuse we women use to just plain avoid lifting anything and sticking to the cardio corner of the gym?

I read this article and saw it for myself. A woman who lifts just as much (if not more) than men do, and she looks amazing. Not bulky in the least bit. This is what a strong woman looks like. That is exactly what I am trying to achieve... ok maybe not to be able to lift as much as her, but you get my drift. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm back

I'm proud to say I'm not returning to this blog in anger, frustration, or self pity. I have not fallen off the wagon. I've been eating (mostly) healthy and exercising regularly. I've managed to keep myself at the same 10 pound loss that I had after the detox. However, I have not had any further progress. I've been successful in maintaining my new weight, but I am craving more success.

So here I am again. Continuing my "clean" adventure into optimal health. I have decided to keep blogging. I missed it honestly. Theres something about blogging that holds you accountable for your day. It forces me to be honest with myself. I'd like this blog to be something of a consistent routine for me. An online accountability that I share with the world, but also a diary of my life, or rather, the life that I am striving towards.

So lets begin.

I started looking at the small things I've let fall by the wayside. DAIRY. BREAD. SUGAR. BOOZE. I went on a trip to Oregon to see my best friend, and she loves food - the good and the bad stuff. I'll admit I cheated a little. I had cheese. I had a bagel. I had chocolate, wine, red meat, fried food... and sugar. Oh the sugar. It was a marvelous vacation, both from everyday life and my diet - but I realized something. My body LIKES eating healthy. I felt bloated and tired and dehydrated, all of the things I had avoided for so long. It's interesting to me now, that I know what FEELING GOOD feels like. I want to eat clean because it feels good, but I also want to enjoy food -  sometimes the bad stuff. I need to find balance. And I will.

Moderation is key.

So I've started a food journal through LIVESTRONG. Its an amazing little app you can put on your phone. I think portions are my downfall, and this will help me realize just how much I am eating. I hope this helps. We shall see.