Monday, August 15, 2011

you gain some you lose some...

so this morning just before my shower i decided to dust off the old scale and see how my relationship with gravity was going. i took those two steps with about 60% confidence, 30% uncertainty. that's a pretty "confident" ratio for me... so needless to say i expected good numbers...

but alas, i was wrong. i had actually gained back all 5 lbs i had previously lost. i felt defeated, and went about my shower.

after intense thought {which is what we do in the shower, right?} i decided i hadn't been defeated just yet. i needed more proof. i have been feeling better about my body and my clothes have all been fitting more loosly, so i decided to measure myself as well to just confirm that this was actual gain.

and then something weird happened.

i lost inches.

my legs, my hips, my waist... everything. smaller. just as i had been back when i was 5 lbs lighter.

water weight?

muscle gain?

i'm not sure what it is, but at least that small victory in inches has kept my motivation alive for another week of running.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sunday hike...

last sunday i went for a hike with a few friends, and let me just say it was a GREAT workout. it was a little less hiking, a little more rock hopping/climbing. it was great because my arms got a workout too... as well as my abs because when you hike with friends, you're bound to laugh a bit. we climbed to a spot that had these beautiful punch bowls and a small waterfall which people would slide down. i unfortunately opted out of the slide, but next time i'm definitely doing it!!
Joe was the fearless one in our group that tried it...
now that i'm signed up for the North Face 10K in december, i definitely want to do this hike at least once a week!! i'll take incline training anywhere i can get it!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

workout update...

i've been on a very good running schedule. i run about 2.5 - 3 miles almost every day. i can see a serious improvement in my legs and just feel a little bit better when i wear certain things. i was doing an amazing job with the running when BAM... a nasty cold, followed by stomach flu, followed by moving to a new apartment happened. a solid two weeks of minimal working out went by and i lost my momentum.

as of this week i am officially back in the saddle, and ready to get this running going again. even more exciting news: I AM OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP FOR THE NORTH FACE 10K in SAN FRAN!!!!

there's some motivation if i ever needed it. 6.2 miles, 1000 ft elevation gain. here we go!!!!

so, i'm back to blogging on the skinny diaries.