Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Warrior Dash weekend...

Last weekend Dave and I went on a little mud run date. We ran the Warrior Dash in San Dimas - about an hour and a half away from home. Last year we got a promo email to try this mud run out, and it sounded like fun, so we signed up. Well we finally went, and it turned out to be a blast. It went by incredibly fast, we finished the run in around 30 minutes. I remember crawling through the mud pit and turning around to see the FINISH line and said, "That's it? We're done!!" I guess we are getting faster! :)

Dave and I had a blast on the obstacles, which were more challenging than we expected. I discovered I am no good at monkey bars. Something I need to work on. This photo was taken before a pretty nasty-looking fall from that second bar...
 Dave had no issues with them. 
Of course there were the fun obstacles like the slide and the fire jump,
which always make for good photos. 
And then there was MUD.... 
This was probably one of my favorite locations to run. Most runs we have done have taken place in remote, dry desert areas and have been really dusty. This location was lush, green and had amazing views of the nearby lake at the top of the hills we had to hike. I really enjoyed the Warrior Dash and would totally do it again. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

A grand return....

Hello again. Sorry for the absence during the month of March. A LOT has been happening since our engagement, and I feel like we just haven't stopped and relaxed at all.... but I realized the other day that I had completely neglected my blog during a time that I would most likely want to look back on and have documentation. So here I am.... coming back.

Not a lot has changed, other than the beautiful ring on my finger, and the impending nuptials in October, and all the planning of that in between. HAHA. I have a whole new reason to get as fit as I possibly can - the forever photos of our wedding day!

Since our engagement we have found a ceremony and reception venue, which is absolutely amazing. We have also found a photographer... who also took our engagement photos, which we absolutely love!! We designed our own save-the-date magnets and they should be here on Monday....
... You could say that in a month and a half, we've been pretty productive on the wedding front. :)

Other than that we've been staying busy going on hikes, hanging with friends and stepping our workouts up a notch.... hey, it's for the wedding!
I've decided that for the wedding instead of focusing on building muscle, I am going to focus on losing fat, which means a little more high-intensity cardio for this gal. I've been taking my favorite aerobic boxing class a couple times a week and have recently been introduced to spinning, which I love to hate... HAHA
My friends are such goobers.... we almost never take the normal smiley pictures together.... our wedding photos should be interesting. ;)

Dave and I have been so busy and wedding-stressed lately that we've been making a conscious effort to spend some quality couple-time together to NOT talk about the wedding... just to be us, and to remind ourselves of why we belong together. These little dates have been nice, and I highly recommend doing this sort of thing if you are planning a wedding... or really during any stressful time. Wine always helps too! :)

Ok, so I am officially back... and hoping to fill this blog with lots of fun wedding workouts, outings... and OH we are going on a little "mud run date" tomorrow. Hooray!!