Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm back

I'm proud to say I'm not returning to this blog in anger, frustration, or self pity. I have not fallen off the wagon. I've been eating (mostly) healthy and exercising regularly. I've managed to keep myself at the same 10 pound loss that I had after the detox. However, I have not had any further progress. I've been successful in maintaining my new weight, but I am craving more success.

So here I am again. Continuing my "clean" adventure into optimal health. I have decided to keep blogging. I missed it honestly. Theres something about blogging that holds you accountable for your day. It forces me to be honest with myself. I'd like this blog to be something of a consistent routine for me. An online accountability that I share with the world, but also a diary of my life, or rather, the life that I am striving towards.

So lets begin.

I started looking at the small things I've let fall by the wayside. DAIRY. BREAD. SUGAR. BOOZE. I went on a trip to Oregon to see my best friend, and she loves food - the good and the bad stuff. I'll admit I cheated a little. I had cheese. I had a bagel. I had chocolate, wine, red meat, fried food... and sugar. Oh the sugar. It was a marvelous vacation, both from everyday life and my diet - but I realized something. My body LIKES eating healthy. I felt bloated and tired and dehydrated, all of the things I had avoided for so long. It's interesting to me now, that I know what FEELING GOOD feels like. I want to eat clean because it feels good, but I also want to enjoy food -  sometimes the bad stuff. I need to find balance. And I will.

Moderation is key.

So I've started a food journal through LIVESTRONG. Its an amazing little app you can put on your phone. I think portions are my downfall, and this will help me realize just how much I am eating. I hope this helps. We shall see.



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