Monday, July 29, 2013

My afternoon spot: Arroyo Verde Park

On occasion, when I am unable to work out on my lunch break, I'll make a pit stop at one of my favorite little places for a quick hike: Arroyo Verde Park. It's a quick 2 mile dirt trail loop around a beautiful park. You get a few ocean views and a good sweat going - especially if you run it.
I started out walking it, walking it twice, then running one loop. I'm still working on the bigger hills, which I still have to break down and walk a little bit, but I'm running almost 80% of the loop in 28 minutes, with a 410 ft incline. Not too shabby.

Afterwards I usually do a few burpees, squats, mountain climbers and pushups on the grass just before the entrance. It's a perfect little workout for those days where you need a little break from the gym life.

Personal goal: To be able to run TWO loops with minimal walking!

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