Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Progress and old photos...

Sometimes its hard to see the results of your hard work when you see yourself in the mirror every single day. Seeing the day to day progress is tricky. It s a slow change that is easily missed or skewed. I was starting to feel like I was back-peddling a little bit, falling off the wagon. I've been eating not-so-great lately, but the portion sizes have been there. I just wasn't feeling great about my progress, until I found this old photo of myself (left), and put it next to a current photo (right). This was when I was at my heaviest. I hated my body, hated shopping and had no idea how to fix it. A lot has changed since then...
I know it's not a whole body before/after, we'll get there. I'm not at my goal yet. But holy moly can you see a difference in the face here. Or at least I can.

I'm actually very proud of the 13 pounds I've lost. I am trying for about 20 more, but hey, I have 13 gone. Out of my life for good. And now I have some evidence, and it feels good.

So good.

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