Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DETOX: Day 2

Day two is here. Day one is in the past. 

And you know what? It wasn't that bad.

I'm honestly a little shocked it went as smoothly as it did. I wan't hungry after my morning juice, I had a pear right before my workout, had an AMAZING workout and felt great afterward. Then I had a great lunch, and was pretty much full the rest of the evening, with a little beet and almond juice concoction for dinner. 

I even woke up this morning without a growling tummy. c r a z y.

This mornings juice was better than yesterday.
cucumber, apples, lemon, some spinach and a little ginger. delicious.

(I really like the juicing concept, and its working for me.... but the only thing i'm disliking is the cleanup of the juicer. What a mess. But it's just fruit so everything rinses off rather easily.)

So, as of this morning the feelings of note are: 

• my tea tastes different, not as good. So I tried a different one.
• I'm not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes like yesterday... even though I'm drinking the same amount of water.... huh.
• Not sure if its a mirage, but my skin already looks a little bit better. It probably also helps that i switched face and body lotion to all natural almost-vegan lotions (I LOVE the refill shoppe)

and, that's about it for my DETOX DAY 2 entry....

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