Thursday, February 7, 2013

diet discontentment....

I'm on day 2 of simple clean eating. I eat 2 eggs in the morning with a fruit smoothie with coconut milk and spinach, a leafy greens salad with either chicken or fish for protein for lunch, and close to the same thing for dinner.

It's not that I'm hungry........ it's the cravings.

I crave chocolate, baked goodies, french fries, pizza, ranch....... and my nemesis, diet soda.

I'm hoping the cravings go away soon. I also have a "justification" bug that triggers after boot camp. You know the one. The "well i just worked out so I can eat this, that whatever....." justification.

It's pure evil.

Apples seem to help, and gum keeps the chewing need at bay....

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