Friday, April 9, 2010

Okay! Here goes nothin

so it finally happened. i started a fitness blog.
i've been contemplating this for some time now, but will admit that i was too chicken before. but it's time to get serious. i want to get back to the person i was a few years ago. a person who cared about fitness and health. a person with energy.... i'll also admit that the Flab to Fab challenge has inspired me.

Haven't heard of it?
check it out here.

it's been a long time coming. i've been trying to lose weight, but in all the wrong ways. i haven't cared enough, or had enough motivation to care. so maybe this will help.

your support is welcome. follow me if you'd like.
the more people who follow, the more likely i am to bust my butt.

so here we go.

: )

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