Monday, April 12, 2010

The Revelation . . .

Here's a funny {and embarrassing} little story of how I realized I'd truly lost my fit/healthy self:

My boyfriend's uncle was in town and decided he wanted to take us out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Awesome. I loved this restaurant. The only problem? I wasn't informed of this outing until after I'd arrived at his house... in sweatpants.

After realizing we were leaving in about 20 minutes I made a mad dash to the local $25 and under clothing store. This quickly prompted a mini meltdown in the dressing room over NOTHING fitting me properly. I accepted my defeat and walked out empty-handed knowing I would have to go to the restaurant in sweats, and I really didn't want to do that.

Only trying to be helpful, my boyfriend then offers his jeans for me to wear. Under normal circumstances this would have been a cool idea. Optimistically, I thought, 'I could be the slender girlfriend wearing her boyfriend's baggy jeans and a cute fitted tee...'
But reality came and slapped me out of my daydream and right back into the real world. The idea of trying on my boyfriends jeans immediately turned into an internal panic attack, 'what if they don't even fit me? After all, I am the overweight girlfriend desperately attempting to conceal the knowledge that she weighs the SAME as her boyfriend and would absolutely DIE to have him realize his jeans don't fit her.'

We got back to his apartment and he draped some jeans out on the couch. I looked at them with an awkward look on my face that apparently read in his mind that they were ugly -- which in a way, I was trying to do. I thought, 'if I make it seem like I don't like the style, I won't have to try them on'. He then said the dreaded words, "those are the biggest ones I own."

Oh, really? The BIGGEST ones? Awesome. 

I know sometimes guys don't even realize the things they say have the sharpest thorns, but this one hit me dead in the stomach. Obviously the concealment of my size and weight has failed miserably. I have not fooled my boyfriend.... {Did I really think I WAS fooling him to begin with?}

I left my pride bleeding on the floor as we walked out the door towards the restaurant.

I wore sweatpants... and ordered a salad.


  1. I am not laughing because I am making fun of you. I am laughing because I could have written this word for word! (except in our po-dunk town, there isn't a dive you CAN'T wear sweatpants in. Shouldn't wear them, but you can...)
    Our stats are amazingly close! We are just a few inches different here and there, but height and weight are pretty much on track! Spooky....
    And I am glad you are on this journey with us. Your sense of humor is fantastic! I can't wait to read more!

  2. I am laughing, but like Charlie, not at you. I don't even bother trying to get into my hubbies jeans anymore. They don't even make it past the thighs. *sigh*

    You can do this, girl! We are right behind you 120%!!

  3. Sounds like the kick in the butt I got to make me shape up, too! You can do it; just keep trying! Look on the bright side-- you went to a restaurant you loved and just got a salad. Willpower!! :)