Monday, November 18, 2013

The Mermaid 10K: San Francisco

So last weekend I ran my first 10K. I've been running 5Ks and 5K mudruns for a year now, but never 6.2 consecutive miles. I finally decided to take the plunge with my good friend Amy. It was her birthday and she wanted to run this run in San Francisco, especially since she had never been to this city (she's from New Jersey). 

On Friday night we got to the city, had some dinner and just wandered around admiring all of the city's glory. Then on Saturday we tried to pack in all of the sites we could possibly see in one day, since we would be mostly at the race and driving home the following day. 
Coffees in hand.... we ventured out into the city on Saturday.
We went to Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions!!! They were adorable... I could watch them all day.
Dave was there too - and our friend Mark, who is taking the picture! HAHA

Then we headed a few blocks over to pick up our packets and running bibs... 
how cool are these shirts? I love them!!!
We jumped on the trolley after hitting up Lombard Street
and taking some gratuitous tourist photos!
We hit up the nike store in Union Square (I died a little in there.... so much great stuff)
I actually purchased my new Nike trainers, which I am officially obsessed with.
And then it was Sunday.... and we RAN! Please disregard our tired eyes in this photo.... it was about 7:30am in this photo and we had been up since 6:00.... haha
 We were VERY excited to be almost done!! :)
 WE DID IT!!!! we were ecstatic. Officially hooked. I want to run it again already!!!! haha
 Goodbye San Fran..... until we meet again.

This run was our first 10K and were both pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. I'm already looking for other runs in the area... maybe even a further distance? I am definitely working towards a half marathon. I know I could do it.... I just need to put my mind to it.

Anyways, it was an amazing trip with some amazing company. What a perfect way to celebrate a birthday in a healthy way. I'm keeping this in mind for my birthday next year! :)

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