Friday, November 22, 2013

Foxy Boxing and a new gym!

Last night I took a boxing class with a good friend of mine, and loved it. No it's not called Foxy Boxing... I just called it that because it sounds funny. Haha. This class was at a DIFFERENT gym than the one I go to, and I think I've been converted. I may have to break up with my current gym. 

You see, I had recently gone to a boxing class at my current gym and wasn't all too thrilled with it. The instructor was lethargic and her enthusiasm was extremely forced and I wasn't convinced she even wanted to be there. Needless to say after the class ended, I left unmotivated and not all that sweaty. It felt more like a social hour for her and the other women who weren't there to break a sweat.

Yesterday I got an invite by my good friend Hayley to join her in a boxing class at HER gym. Life changing I tell you! It was intense!!! The instructor almost raps the moves to you to an amazing music mix that is motivating and sweat-inducing. Every inch of my body was drenched in sweat and my muscles were burning. I loved it.

Not only did I love the class itself, but the rest of the gym was exactly what I'd been looking for. I've only been at my current gym for a month, but haven't yet felt comfortable there and even though it's a very large gym, it is always PACKED, and the classes are only so-so. I haven't felt happy there, and when I saw this awesome gym it was love at first sight:
(I only got one photo, but it shows enough to get my point across.... haha)
See what I mean? There is ROOM to do things!!! AND all of the equipment here is stuff I recognize and use.... It's open for you to make your own free-weight workouts, not filled with unnecessary machines. I will have a boxing buddy because my friend goes here. I won't have to fight off giant gorilla meatheads for the weights or mirrors. Plus, because this is a gym owned by a single person, rather than a giant corporation, that also makes me extremely happy. I'm supporting someone's business, rather than being just another one of thousands feeding a corporate bank account. 

I'm gonna do it. 

I'm going to break up with my gym and start going to this one!!!

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