Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update: Vacations, gym time and food

I just realized I have been MIA from this blog for a bit. So much has been going on I completely failed to post anything. So in a nutshell, this is what I've been up to...

I was hell-bent on getting ready for my Arizona trip with my man, so I practically lived in the gym. I even bought new cute clothes to keep my motivation going. In the process of gym-clothes shopping, I came to realize I am officially a size Medium in about 80% of my new clothes! --- Even in most sports bras!!!!! (I know most women won't understand my excitement for smaller boobs, but trust me when you have what feels like kettle bells in your bra all your life, going down a size feels AMAZING)

And then, out of nowhere, our AZ vacation was upon us, and it was glorious. We were good little paleo cavemen and did a major whole foods shop before the trip - to make sure we didnt cheat too much on our vacay... just take a look at our road trip snacks:

Amazing right? 

Breakfast of champions!! Paleo turkey chili with bell peppers and onions in an avocado.

And then came the poolside shenanigans.... we pretty much laid around all day.

and then I realized that our resort had one of the most amazing Fitness Centers I had ever seen. I was in heaven.... my poor boyfriend wasn't all too thrilled with the idea of working out, but he joined me out of support. sweet thing.

I just loved it there... even though it was a sweltering 100+ degrees... 

it was a lovely vacation free of guilt, thanks to good planning and staying on track with my goals - all while enjoying myself in some relaxation and sunshine. I think I may have even lost a little weight while I was there. I am so proud of myself for what I accomplished on this trip. It reminds me of a long ago post about how I wished I could have that kind of motivation... and now I do. It's a beautiful thing when you reach a goal you've been trying for. But this was only one of many.... on to the next accomplishment... and the next.... and the next.  :)

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