Friday, September 20, 2013

Progress and Results

I was looking back at some of my old posts when I first began writing about my fitness goals. Man was I ever negative! I am so sorry if any of you who still read this ever had to bear those awful self loathing posts. I was so lost back then, and as much as it hurts to read those posts, they're a solid reminder of where I came from - and how far I've come. I am so glad that I have those to remind me, and humble me, when I am feeling like I've fallen off the wagon or feeling set back. Everyone has setbacks, and I know I am going to continue to have setbacks. Life is never perfect and there will be stresses, it's how you handle them that show how much you've changed. I know I've changed a lot. I'm not perfect, and I'm only halfway to my goal, but instead of feeling down and sorry for myself because "I'm not there yet" I am rejoicing because guess what.... there was a time where I told myself (or maybe even wrote on this blog) that I would have killed to be 20 lbs lighter.... just 20 lbs" – and here I am, 0.5 lbs away from reaching that inner wish. I did it. And now I want more.... I won't stop here because it's easier that way. I will keep going because I know I can. I know I'm not done... There are some beautiful muscles hiding underneath that ever-shrinking layer of the old me that is still longing to come out!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....
Never forget to appreciate how far you've come.... there is so much more work to be done. glorious work. Its going to be awesome!

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