Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DETOX: Day 8

It's been a few days since my last detox update. Thought I'd report on the progress....

I'll admit, the weekend was really hard. Old traditions die hard folks.... First thing that entered my groggy Saturday morning head was... mmmmmmmmm what to have for breakfast.

.... Then I came to and realized, nope.... juice

I recovered from that initial disappointment, and went to a vegan restaurant for lunch with some friends who are also detoxing with me. I actually enjoyed {no lie} my kale salad with carrots avocado and walnuts, with a cacao and almond milk "shake" YUM. {stick together if you're detoxing, folks. It really helps.} All in all, I survived the weekend without cheating. I've yet to fall off the wagon, 8 days in. I'm pretty proud! 

In other news, I weighed myself on Sunday. 6 lbs down.

That's my biggest achievement so far. I really hope it continues to drop.... I could use another 14 lbs to fall off.... but that's just being a little optimistic. HEHE

Other changes of note: 

• I'm on NO meds, other than my inhaler. Allergy pills have not been taken for 8 days, and I feel fine without them. I'm also off the pill because I wasn't thrilled with the idea of all of those hormones and other toxins being pumped into my body on the daily... and it feels good to be free of them.

• My skin is more supple. I suffer from dry skin and right now is the worst time of year for my skin, and somehow it's doing quite well. Especially in my face. My face is actually dewy.... in a good way. Not oily. Just even and calm. Calm seems to be the best word to describe it.

• Energy is still low for workouts. I've found that eating an apple with the BEST BUTTER is my saving grace..... allow me to clarify:
The best stuff on earth. Better than almond butter. Just try it and you'll see. {on this cleanse you can't eat peanuts because of some sort of fungus that grows naturally on them that causes tummy trouble if you're cleansing.}

New exciting discovery: CLEAN BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP
At night I am supposed to drink a smoothie for dinner.... or I have the option to make a healthy soup, it just has to be the same consistency of a smoothie. So I found this recipe and I've got to say, it's better than most restaurants. I'm not kidding. 
{I added 1/2 sweet onion to add a little extra flavor}

I made enough that I get to have it again tonight.
Ask me if I am excited about that.



And...... that's it for Day 8.

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