Monday, February 10, 2014

Spartan Super Part 2: Race Photos

A few weeks ago, I posted about the Spartan Super race I decided to run with Dave. Well the photos are in, and they're awesome - and muddy!

Somewhere between mile 2 and 3 - the barbed wire crawl.
There weren't many photographers after this obstacle until the very end, not to mention I lost my bib halfway thru the race from dragging it thru the mud. The photographers re-appeared when we had to dunk ourselves into the muddy water to go underneath that wooden wall. It looks like I have a mustache, but I assure you, it is just mud. Yumm.
As we crossed the finish line, there were gladiators with padded sticks (I know there's a name for them, but my brain is drawing a blank) and they'd slam us with them to try to keep us away from the finish line. You can see the blend of emotions on my face; panic, exhaustion, and sheer joy for being so close to the finish line.

So now that it has been a couple of weeks, the bruises have healed, and the muscles are no longer sore, how do I feel about the Spartan Race? I want more!!! I am so ready to run the 5K, and really want to train for the Spartan Beast (12+ miles) to complete the trifecta!! It is by far the most intense race I've ever run, but I love a good challenge. I just wish I could complete all the obstacle so I wouldn't have to do as many burpees. (oh those burpees!) But that's what all the training is for. :)

Happy Monday!

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