Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knocked down, but getting back up

Yesterday I woke up feeling just plain weird. After my morning shower, I noticed I was feeling very dizzy and losing my balance during my morning routine. So I went back to bed and I just sunk into it. My body was fighting something and needed to sleep it off, so I stayed home from work and took a nice easy day off from everything. It was wonderful, except for the fever that ended up creeping up on me later that day. One minute I was hot and the next I was so cold. Also, Dave made me promise him I wouldn't work out AT ALL. I hate rest days when it comes to workouts. I feel lazy when I don't work out and that is something I have to work on. Everyone needs rest days. Our bodies need time to recuperate from the stress we put on it each day at the gym. And mine was already being attacked by something, so a workout would have done me no good.

So I rested. I watched Netflix, slept, read and soaked op every minute of it. As you can see, Olive and Phoebe were loving it because they got to be inside all day with me. Score!
Today I felt much better and was back to my normal day to day rituals. Back to work, back to my lunch time body boot camp. I don't know if it was from being sick yesterday, or if it was just muggy from the rain we've had today, but I was sweating up a storm.

Today's workout:

1/2 mile treadmill warm up
50 jumping jacks

Circuit - Repeating 3 times:

Single leg bench squats with 10 lb weight (10 reps each leg)
One-Armed Deadlift with 20 lb dumbbell (10 reps each arm)
Dumbbell plank rows (10 reps each arm)
Turkish Get-Ups (10 each side)
Resistance Sprints (2 sprints) - I couldn't find a good video on this exercise, I may have to make my own ;)

These movements are very difficult and are by no means at beginner level. My trainer (who made this workout) told us this after we had completed it. He gave us a huge compliment in saying that, and how our form on these movements is extremely important and overall we are performing them very well. That made me feel very confident about how far I've come with exercise. I've got a fitness instructor telling me he basically considers my fitness group highly advanced. WAHOO!!

I'm glad to be back in the swing of things... just in time for the weekend!

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