Thursday, January 31, 2013

honestly, wtf: frustrated.

so it's been a month on this clean eating kick, with reasonable cheat meals, plenty of exercise and lots of water, very little diet soda.

i've gained almost 4 pounds.


cue emotional meltdown.

i know, this may seem a little overly dramatic, but you have to understand - i made a HUGE lifestyle change. i stopped eating bread, chips, fries, pita chips, bagels..... and so on.

i started exercising an extra two days a week.

i am drinking way more water, and almost cut diet soda out completely.

WHAT. AM. I. DOING. WRONG?!?!?!?!?!?

it must be my calorie intake, even if it is mostly protein and leafy greens.
i really don't understand it. and everyone is telling me its MUSCLE.

i call bullshit.

four pounds of muscle????? come on, i haven't changed my workouts THAT much.

this is horse shit, and this is about the time i would normally give up, but i wont. i like the way i feel a lot more than i used to.... even if my ass is fatter. 

i guess maybe i still have hope. maybe i'm hoping i can cut my portions even more than i already have. I can eat more leafy greens without dressing, or at the very least... just a little dressing.

i can snack on bell peppers. i can convince myself they dont taste like dirt. i can do this, maybe.


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