Wednesday, April 18, 2012


For a long time now many people have told me I look like Adele.

Family. Friends. Strangers. They all see it.... 
and I sort of do too, with the exception of our chins... and while I am sure it was always meant to be a compliment, I used to find myself not terribly flattered. Don't get me wrong, she's an amazing woman with talent coming out of her ears... it just took me a while to realize that it was indeed a huge compliment. 

Just because she's not a bean pole doesn't mean it's not a compliment.

Anyways, after seeing Rasha's post I finally decided to post these photos so you can see for yourself.

What do you think? Do I really look like her?


  1. You do look like her! Especially in the second picture ;) She's your doppleganger! I need to do a post about my doppleganger ;) xo

  2. You are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS girl...
    And you do look like her, but can I just say I think Adele is gorgeous? I find myself dreaming so have her face, body, vocal chords--- that woman rocks it. I love her.