Monday, April 30, 2012


This weekend was a complete setback. I'm a wee bit disappointed in my complete lack of exercise this weekend... Especially saturday since I usually swim or go for a hike. Instead I worked on my tan. I had that "Monday I'll start everything" attitude...

...But now it is Monday, and today, on this lovely Monday, I start body boot camp.

this boot camp was offered as a lunch break option at my work, and since I was already in the routine of working out on my lunch break, I figured this might be a more efficient solution to getting a great workout.

I work out better when someone else is telling me what to do.
I work out better when there are people around me because my pride won't let me give up in front of a crowd.

I'm hoping that knowing I am going to be doing an hour of strenuous activity is going to help my eating habits during the week.

speaking of healthy food, my current obsession is:
starbucks protein box.... boiled egg, apple, grapes, peanut butter, cheese... can it get any better?
it's easily made at home, which i plan to start doing, and it's got all the good stuff you need in the morning. i love this thing for breakfast!!

anyways, I am excited and a little bit nervous about this boot camp... 
but I'll report back this afternoon.

Let's see how this goes.

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