Thursday, July 8, 2010

The DON'T list

This post is mostly for myself, but feel free to read about what I'm deciding to eliminate from my diet and life. These are all the NO NO's for my quest to fit into my skinny jeans...

1. Fast Food be gone.
Boyfriend is a pretty big influence on the fast food. I would never typically go myself, unless it was VERY late and I hadn't eaten all day. But I am officially vowing to NEVER eat at a fast food chain... unless I'm buying a diet coke or water. McDonalds McMuffin, I will miss you.

2. NO to the chips.
I have a serious weakness for the chips. If I show up to a party and there is a chips and dip table, you can guess where I set up camp for the evening. Those darn chips have got to go, cuz carrots and raw veggies are movin' in...

3. Pulling the sweet tooth.
Desserts are also one of my vices. I have a serious sweet tooth and crave chocolate almost every afternoon. Candy, cake, ice cream, pastries, and sugary-loaded foods are being pulled from my menu. Those sugar-free, special K, fiber-loaded energy bars just might be my saving grace.

4. Adios, dearest fried food.
French fries had moved out of my life when I was younger, but they've crept back on my go-to list of devilish sides. I need to dump the fries, and maybe I'll be able to dump my "big jeans" too...

5. Less TV, more sweat. 
I am a bonified couch potato who used to be an athlete. I allow myself to get to the point where I don't feel an ounce of guilt for sitting on the couch and watching TV, even though I've been in a cubicle all day. I need to get to the point again where I start panicking a little bit if I haven't broken a sweat for 30 minutes that day.... I've joined a gym now, and this has already gone into effect, but I definitely want to keep it a priority.

Ok, there are some basic rules to live by for the time being. I didn't want to make too many to start... it's all about the baby steps.

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  1. Excellent list!

    Exactly what I was thinking...