Friday, September 12, 2014

Spartan Beast Jitters...

This photo say everything about my emotions today.

Tomorrow I will be running the Spartan Beast Race with Dave, and our trainer friend Eric. I am one crazy girl... entering a 12+ mile obstacle course a month before my wedding, with 2 incredibly athletic boys. Don't get me wrong... I am excited, and I know I will have a blast once I'm in the race and crushing the obstacles (or doing hundreds of burpees)... but the leading up to the race always has me with a belly full of butterflies. 

I still haven't fully figured out what is going on with my ankle... and part of me worries about a potential injury during the race, then another part of me is like "screw it... it's not that bad. Limping across the finish line is still finishing!"

I also worry about not being able to complete an obstacle. This is purely a competitive mindset that I can't seem to shake. Who cares if I can't climb that rope? Who cares if I miss the spear throw or fall off one of the horizontal wall climbs? I'll do burpees and move on. 

But it still makes me nervous. 

I guess I am just anxious to start the race and see where my endurance is at. I did an 8 miler back in January, and did just fine. I am in better shape now than I was then, so there shouldn't be a problem!

I'm so ready! I just want to be at the starting line... oh who am I kidding, I just want to be at the finish line!!! Then I'll just have a 3 miles Sprint race to complete before I earn my trifecta medal!!

Stay tuned.

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