Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites...

So there are a few new discoveries I've made during this lovely IIFYM  macro-counting adventure. Amongst all the chicken-and-broccoli eating fests, I've found a few go-to treats that really have been keeping me sane and feeling like i'm getting something truly delicious, without throwing my progress out the window.

You see, coffee and chocolate are the two things you will NEVER see me give up. Okay, when I am pregnant someday I know I know, no coffee... but until then, don't even try to take it away from me!

My newest obsession is this little coffee place down the street from my work called lucky llama. They have almond milk (major kudos to them for having that!!!) AND they have coconut syrup. Um, coconut latte with almond milk every day please!!!!

And then there's the chocolate. Oh the chocolate...

Every now and then my typical veggie and egg white scramble can get a little boring. Just like anyone else, sometimes I need something sweet for breakfast, but I just can't bring myself to eat a donut, so this little concoction was what I came up with: Black bean brownie granola bowl!!

Holy moly is it good.

Basically I use trader joes honey greek yogurt (about 75-100grams), 1-2 black bean brownies, 1/4 cup granola, and 1-2 tsp almond butter.

mix that baby up with a spoon and you've got yourself dessert for breakfast!!

I've been using these two little treats as my go-to sweet fixes or the past couple of weeks and have still been seeing major results in my fat loss progress. I can have my chocolate cake and eat it too? and still lose weight? score!!!


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