Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boot Camp Day 2: BUTT DAY

Day 2 was completely different than Day 1...

We stood on yoga mats the entire time, and did about 6 different variations of squats and lunges. It sounds so simple, perhaps even easy.... but oh no no no.... it was anything BUTT. (I'm such a dork!)

We did do a warm up run to get the blood pumping – then we straight into major squat moves. Not long after, I was sweating like a farm animal and crying for the simple ability to stand on both legs. I swear we balanced on one leg doing each exercise for about 10 minutes at a time... or at least that's what it felt like.

All whining aside, I'm loving this class. My legs feel like noodles and I love that feeling.
I think the best part about it is, because each class is so strenuous,
I am making sure I eat better and drink lots and lots of water.... 
{my sweaty self and my beloved H20 post workout)
this is a big deal people....

Day 2: Complete


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